kol 12.40

aku xde benda nak share ngan semua orang
pasal semua bende dah cam lg boring...
aku xde dslr ntuk dishare gambar yg aku amik
aku xde barang baru yg aku bli
aku xde gi piknik ke ape ke ujung minggu
bangun pagi...kol 8 pegi keje
kol 5.30 balik
kol 5.45 - 6.00 sampai umah
bukak pc..main Fm09..
tgk jam..dah maghrib..
sambung main lg..dah pukul 9..
makan...borak..dah kol 10
surf tenet...borak...dah kol 12..
man..working life sux..

p/s beli keta atau dslr?


Pukul 10.20

Aku sekarang nih x sabar nak balik raya cina nih,ye r..lama x balik dah..nasib baik dapat cuti..kesian yen..cuti raya cina sehari je..
sabar ye yen..jangan ngembek kuat sgt

Neway, seronok nak balik bukan pasal cuti sgt pon..pasal dh x de duit..ehehe..kira kalu balikdapat la makan free yang limitless..kecuali aku abiskan semua makaanam yg ade kat umah tuearap2..dapat la lifeline ($$$) dari ibu bapa ku yang tercinta serta jiran tetangga tionghua ku

Uncle lim, jangan lupa wa punye angpau ah..wa belum kawin..jangan lupe limau sekali kalu dapat

angpau sana sini, lehla idup untuk 2 mggu lg..pasal gaji masuk lg 2 mggu..huish..lambat sungguh..xpe..gaji dara..sanggup tggu..org kate..masa gaji dara masuk yg paling best nih

Tahun nie tahun lembu..the Ox year..org kate..kepada semua oxens, dh 24 dh umur korang..tua dah..


Gong Xi Fat Chai

p/s: jangan jadi cam lembu kena cucuk idung ar...

Jason to Mraz-sia

Yup, he will be here in KL
Jason Mraz's tour will be held


4th of March 2009, Stadium Negara at 8:00p.m

After 3 great albums

1. Waiting for my rocket to come

2. Mr A-Z

3. We sing, We dance and we steal things

We can listen to Jason Mraz to serenade his songs himself!
accompanied by his critically acclaimed live band which includes percussionist Toca Rivera

However, the ticket pricings have yet to be disclosed
by Marctensia, the concert organizer

Jason Mraz will be performing tracks from his latest album ‘We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things’ as well as hits from his previous albums namely ‘The Remedy’ and ‘You and I Both’

7 things about ME!

7 facts about me;

1. Born on 28 of June 19**
2. Hanafi means "kelurusanku"
3. Tall and skinny
4. Love music
5. Shoe size: 9
6. Shy
7. Not single, but available for any other kind of relationships

7 things that scares me;

1. To be left alone
2. Being told to do wrong
3. To be caught for doing wrong things
4. Snake
5. Height
6. Failure
7. Myself - on what sometimes i'm becoming

7 songs for now;

1. The All-American Reject : Dirty little secret
2. Nidji : Laskar Pelangi
3. Mika : Grace Kelly
4. Michael Buble : Everything
5. Avril Lavigne : I will Be
6. The Killers : A Dustland Fairytale
7. Blink 182 : Im lost without you

7 things i usually say;

1. Assalamualaikum
2. lapa...
3. .......(turnaround, give an empty look, and turn to resume my work)
4. fu*k
5. b*bi
6. sebentar ya (passing the phone to Abg Azrul)
7. Alhamdulillah

7 most precious thing;

1. My beloved family
2. My future wife
3. A Watch (in my storage, not wearing any now)
4. Phone
5. PC
6. Memories

7. JGN 6389

ppl i tag;

(apsal semua pompuan nih?)

5 weeks!!??

Man, cant believe that i havent write in 5 weeks,
Comparing to my previous post, prior to my long absent,
i would say my writing frequency was high,
talking bout prolific writer huh?

Anyway, ushering 2009, many things have changed,
and Alhamdulillah, they are in positive manner.

The blessings are showering over me and to my beloved friend too!

Well, I should start with me I guess;
* Im now a graduate, no more classes..yeay
* Working as an outsourced contract worker for a prestigious medicine facility (cool heh?..how bout a contract RA for IMR sound?)
* I will have my own salary..well, i shudnt be discussing bout that for now, at least until the end of the month

Matchek @ Nizam
* The long awaited postman has arrived!! He received his Master admission letter...kudos to him, another convocation in two years time

Wina, Thiera, Ina and Irin
* Yup, they themselves have been employed. Congratulations

* The biggest success of all..IMO, Dr Rizman has taken him under his wings, to be his Ra, all the best, i know you have what it takes to strive under his expextations. Good luck bro

* A bit complicated, because i myself do not have the full details, but all i can say he have been entrusted with a confidential family business plan that will commence in near future.

Other colleagues
and all the others (malas nak taip dah)
I believe that they themselves have things cooking,i hope to hear from them soon in the future.

Well, new year and new challenges...lets brace ourselves for the storms!!!

*forgot to mention this:

-kerry thanks for the novel, appreciate it a lot
-wina, jgn lupe ribs aku