An early goodbye! #Minggu sedey part 1

Mggu nie leh di katakan minggu sedey sudah bermula la..
many wonderful people will started to depart from me...
the earliest will be Syamsul Azran aka syamsul comel....

he have been a dear friends and colleague during my training stints at Sime Darby..
damn..he taught me a lot...pasal komputer and also erti ketabahan....
aku igt aku yg akan meninggalkan korg ujung mggu ko lak yang benti keje dulu...
dah la ko banyak belanja aku lunch semua..hehe time kasih daun keladi ye...len kali belanja lagi...

the great service provider!

i sympatize on ur mom...but i also admire her...fighting the breast cancer and never give up on living....thats the spirit.... I cant i magine ur burden man...taking care of ur mom...and shipping her day in and day out to hospital for her treatment...ko mmg anak soleh la...xle nak cakap macam mana lg dh...she would be proud of you..

Weh..lepas nie jangan dh x lepak ngan kitorg lak... Dia leh dikatakan otai byk figurine la...mecha semua Sesapa yg berminat ngan Macross ke..Gundam ke,..Zoids ke...die nie kira dealer gak leh dapat harga murah....

take care beb..and gud luck for ur future undertakings.... semoga mak ko cepat sembuh.


Spain lift the cup!!!

Iker Casillas, the Armada's captain lift the cup (Oliver Lang/GettyImages)

Yup, it has all ended, the Euro 2008 was championed by Spain. Great flowing game by the Spanish if you asked me. Tgk dengan keadaan mengantuk kat umah...sambil tertido pon..and i was chatting with wina...she confessed that she was up late for watching p*r* (wakaka...aku fitnah die)...watched the game with matchek ngan jenglot initially..but naza and malonso decided to join us later on.

Aku sbnrnye mmg penyokong Jerman sejak selama diorg men kasar la tournament terpaksa aku terima kekalahan nie..pasal they are not a worthy winner pun kalu mng..IMO la....but spanish were dancing around..doing their salsa (spanish nye tarian ke?) all they way to the cup. Congratulation spanish team...ending their 44 years of jinx in euro and big tournaments...and congrats to Guiza's girlfriend as Guiza promised to propose her when they won the cup (whut the hell)...

This shud wrapped up the great morning,Geez, matila aku jap lagi..ngantuk sial
mati aku masuk opis nanti..
But i think every1 pon sama jugak kot..
ahaha..Morning Daisy every1

im not only 22 now!!

ey mates..
td we _mat chek.hisyam.nazri.edy and ME_ went for a celebrate my birthday
ktorg makan ayam golek 5 bintang kat pantai dalam nih...

mmg sedap..kenyang gile gel..
mmg best gile la..i was happy to have them around to celebrate my birthday.. pics of the lovely ayam golek...ktorg x plan nak gi pon....impromptu gile
tp ada down partla..

aku lak yang belanja...cilakak tol...dahla besday aku...
xpela membe nye pasal..
lenkali..korg lak belanja..aku carik korg klau dapat gaji pertama....
wakaka...neway thanks weh

i have a surprise for all of my friends..
haha...from the 28 (29 kot) of june...onwards..
im officially single!!


nope..not a typo..a new dawn for a new age i guest?

anyway wanna thanks every1 for the wishes that they gave me..and esp kerry for her extent to put a post in her blog...appreciate it..A LOT...

Well..time to sleep..had a rough day & nite..ciao!

Japanese #2 Polite norms and behaviour


Ok..I read this from manual book.

Usually it is important to:

  1. Be on time/punctual -> yg nie susah nie..being Malaysian beb, mana ada awal, lambat ade la.
  2. Bow -> kalu kt mesia yg selalu bow tie ade la...hantam je la
  3. Remove shoe to enter a house or whenever needed -> ala..dah biasa
  4. Respect the elders(ossan) -> uish..lagila senang..takut diorg yg respek aku
  5. Smile -> biasa je nie..aku dh la tampan
  6. Thank people again next time you see them -> yg nie serious aku x paham? apsal plak? ~sape2 leh explain?
  7. Say sumimasen (excuse me/sorry) oftenly, esp after an uncomfortable moment and before expressing disagreement of a negative opinion ->kira..excuse me la..


Ok..semalam aku baru abis usha the last episode of the season 3 of the supernatural..quite a letdown..pasal selalu they end with a bang! tp..maybe ade sesaon 4...among my favourite tv series, other than Grey's Anatomy and Prison Break.

Starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester, being the famous Winchester Brothers that hunts ghost and evil demons...macam x percaya lak..but that how the story goes.

Aku suka pasal ade byk lawak yg cranky, sinikal dan pelbagai jenis variasi lawak yang paling penting diorg nie super kelakar...esp Dean la..Though you migth find funny for me to watch series that starring two men..but i am very far from being a gay..seriouly..never thought of being one!!!

But the most important thing is..the way they portray the relationships between two brothers are just awesome...They were spontaneous and almost accurate...esp the way Dean, the elder brother will do anything for Sam..without Sam knowing...

Damn...this is a good piece of art.aku harap korang pon will find it good as i am..adios!!

Under Construction!!!

Seperti yg kalian leh aku dah kucar kacir la..pasal tgn aku yang gatal tekan² ngan ekjas² bende kat blog nie sesuka ati....walau pun aku x tau ape yg aku wat sbnrnye..ahaha...tukar aku nye previous template nye coding...dah wat² aku tekan pe tah..terus ilang....akupastu add template lain yang lame nye widget ilang...huhu...sampai dah jadik camnie la..macam-macam ilang tggl 2 element je.....*sigh...anyway..aku akn cuba mengupdate dan me'makeover' aku nye blog nie...lambat cket la..pasal report ngan keje aku skrg ngah byk gak r..pasal skrg ngah musim highcom meeting..mid year kan? so diorg nie gatal nak meeting pakai kene setup ngan stanby byk laptop la..haiya..another day at work..kesimpulannya..nothing to be updated la kat blog aku nie..untuk few days la..huhu..

ok..cau cin cau!!

Thiera's first date!

First Date; Blink 182 (Take Off Your Pants And Jacket)

As promised, here is the song that i wanted to dedicate to thiera and his batman....ahaha, man you two really shows that the world is small. Aku really x 1000 x sangka yang korg penah berjumpa and kenal each other. This song is my evergreen faveret song I hope u enjoy the song as much as i am and I hope u did felt the same way as how the lyrics goes by...wakaka....neway cheers for my two friends!!!

p/s The clips is stupid...but that's Blink 182!!!

In the car I just can't wait,
to pick you up on our very first date
Is it cool if I hold your hand?
Is it wrong if I think it's lame to dance?
Do you like my stupid hair?
Would you guess that I didn't know what to wear?
I'm too scared of what you think
You make me nervous so I really can't eat

Let's go, don't wait, this night's almost over
Honest, let's make this night last forever
Forever and ever, let's make this last forever
Forever and ever, let's make this last forever

When you smile, I melt inside
I'm not worthy for a minute of your time
I really wish it was only me and you
I'm jealous of everybody in the room
Please don't look at me with those eyes
Please don't hint that you're capable of lies
I dread the thought of our very first kiss
A target that i'm probably gonna miss

Let's go,don't wait, this night's almost over
Honest, let's make this night last forever
Forever and ever, let's make this last forever
Forever and ever, let's make this last forever

Let's go, don't wait, this night's almost over
Honest, let's make, this night last forever
Forever and ever, let's make this last forever
Forever and ever, let's make this last forever
Forever and ever, let's make this last forever

Movie@Home - Wicker Park

by Metro Goldwyn Mayer

I watched this movie on Sunday morning after having my breakfast of original Msian pick, nasi lemak and air kosong (tgh kayap nih)

Masa nak tgk tue, xde cover dvd and x penah dgr pon tajuk movie: Wicker Park...sound like killing frenzy by a psycho moron yang bawak pisau dapur ke hulur ke hilir kind of movie...but i was surprised to find it was a love story and they claimed it to be "A dangerous sexy thriller" (x penah dgr pon dis kind of genre).

Anyway, the movie was featuring
1. Josh Hartnett
2. Rose Byrne
3. Matthew Lillard
4. Diane Kruger that i found out that it was a love story..layan je la..but the plot was good though tensen gak tengok cam..ade je bende x kene...sampai aku "arghhh buat je la..end it!!!!". It was a thriller after all and it was meant to thrill the watcher (maka movie ini tlah berjaya menguplift the shriller genre) in the end..the justice prevail..true love met la konon2nye. Though there are casualties of love (Rebecca, Alex and Luke) in order the hero and the heroine to be together...but if anyone who believe that of "kalu dah jodoh tue tak ke mana" you will be a great believer if you watch this movie.

Good stuff..i like it (if u dont like..i dont give a damn..this is my blog) but not so much..pasal bile dah tunjuk the turning point..every pieces fall in to it places..but still die better and more to offer tha the usual love story..oh i more thing..this movie is a bit heart wrenching for the girls yg die punye crush tue suka kat best friend die..because die cam ouch! (pasal cam tgk their pity selfs..aiyo) beware la..

Verdict : 3.5/5 ( all of you will care)

one more thing...carik pinjam2!!

Top 10 Japanese Words a First-Time Traveler to Tokyo, Japan Should Know

1. "Hai" - Yes
"Lie" - No

2. "Kon-nichiwa" - Hello or Good afternoon
"O hayou gozaimasu" - Good morning
"Konbanwa" - Good evening

3. "Korewa nan desuka?" - What is this? -->macam tanye "Korea kat mana?"

4. "Wa doko desuka...?" - Where is...?

5. "Nanji desuka?" - What time is it?

6. "Toire wa doko desuka?" - Where is the bathroom? --> cakap "toilet?" lg senang kot

7. "Ikura desuka?" - How much is it?

8. "Sumimasen" - Excuse me.

9. "Itadakimase" - I receive. --> Paling penting..pasal selalu cakap masa nak makan!!

10. "Arigato" - Thank you.

sumber post nie tipu...die kata aku kira ade 13 la sbnrnye tajuk die..
selamat belajar dan selamat beramal....


Ptg yg giler....ari nie aku pegi satu dept. semua org nak mintak attend sesuka ati...........GILA betul!!!

aku nie skrang terbayang katil (aku ade tilam je sebenarye) aku skrg nie...x sabar nak melompat ke atas katil dan tdo.....YAHOO!!!!!!!

hehehe...if only i can do this!!

Destination : Planet Hollywood

This weekend destination..Planet Hollywood (i hope so)..hehe
Though the price is a bit steep compared to the other gigs..
tapi aku akan pegi gak kot pasal die nye crowd above 21
hopes those yg gile² yg underage tue x dtg la..

Got few good underground-indie bands
(or shud i say dh x underground sgt..) like:

The Times
One Buck Short
they will kill us all

Shud be great
Lets ROCK!!!!

The blog was successful but...

Thanx to those who hav dropped by to have a quick glance at my humble newly born blog site..
However..aku mintak maap la pasal x bitau reramai lg..pasal aku pon x sure nak tulis pe and aku cam malu nak tunjuk blog aku nih..kosong sgt..tggu byk cket la..hehe..sori yek..

bukan x nak x bersedia nak berkongsi lagi..bila dah banyak or meriah nanti aku akan heboh2kan la.....however still time kasih kepada winawin ngan ~nulu kerana meraikan juga blogku nie..

Hope more postings will roll in..hehe..
and more important..hope you all will enjoy and can tahan to see or read my self vanity stories and pics..hehe...

Hehe...have a good look!

Ahaha, i stumbled upon this pict...
aku rasa gambar nie deserved to be the writings are REAL!!
ahaha..saja nak add kaler kat blog nie..
enjoy the post!!!

The virgin post.

Oleh kerana irin telah mendesak aku, akhirnya aku berjaya membuaat satu blog...


aku x sure lagi nak tulis pe at least i start posting few things let the snowball rolling..tue je kot...